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A Quick Story Back When I was Not Confident

I want to share a quick story back two years ago, back in sophomore year of high school. I was in my world history class, and we had a project in the class. But I wasn't at school the day we were able to pick our partners. So I was paired with this girl I kind of knew. She was not really attractive, but I was still really nervous. Just because I was partnered with a girl! And maybe we can become friends and I can finally become popular! Maybe she will find me attractive, and we can get into a relationship! That was what I thought, all over some history project. And I know she did not feel the same way at all, she was just trying to do this history project and I was just her partner nothing crazy. But I was way overthinking, and it made me really nervous. So we are doing this history project and eventually I realize that nothing exciting was going to happen. But I do remember I needed her number to send her the video we did so we can both submit it. And I vividly remember me saying, "Should we exchange contact info". I was so non-social and not confident, that instead of saying something normal like "can I get your phone number so I can send you the video", I said that. And of course, she said that her phone storage was full so I couldn't get her number. So I had to email her the video. That was the moment I realized that I needed to figure something out to become more social and not be so awkward. So I learned how to be more confident. Just a story I wanted to share about a time when not being confident really made me feel awkward.

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