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How Confidence has Impacted Me with Girls

Here's a question I'm sure a lot of you guys have. How has confidence impacted your dating life. Well, it's interesting. Once you become more confident, you become more social, at least that is how it is with me. Some people are naturally quiet but are still confident. So when I go to social events, I start socializing with people, but not in a flirty way, just some friendly conversation, nothing crazy right. But here's the weird thing. Once I started to become more confident. Girls come to you; you don't go to the girls. Like back in the summer of this year (2023), I went to a dance, like the dances at schools, with the mosh pit. That is what my school at least does I don't know about your schools, but I went to this student council camp, and they had this dance. So me and one of my friends that I made at the camp go there and we are having fun. If you know what a mosh pit is, then you know they can get pretty hectic. So I get out of the mosh pit to get some fresh air. And this pretty attractive girl approaches me and asks for my Instagram. Now this is the first time this has happened to me. So I was pretty confused, but I was not really thinking that much so I gave it without thinking about it too much. And the next day she sends me a direct message and she start flirting with me. But if you noticed, I was not the one who approached her, she approached me, I didn't do anything to make a move with her, she was the one who approached me. If you are curious about what happened, live near Sacramento, and she lives in LA (6 hours away from me), so obviously things did not go past the texting phase. But with my increased confidence, she found me attractive, and she approached me.

Another story is really recent about a month ago actually. I went to my high school homecoming football game, the biggest game of the year. But since none of my friends wanted to go the event, I just went by myself, not that bad for me, I can go to events by myself. So while I was at the football game, I run into someone who I am kind of friends with, but nothing crazy, so we hang out with each other at the game. And this girl walks past me in the bleachers trying to get through to the middle, and I think nothing of it. And she starts to strike a conversation with me, I still wasn't thinking much of it. And while she was walking away, all of the sudden my friend say to me "bro ask for her snap". And I was thinking, it was just some small talk, I was not trying to flirt with her. But he was saying that I was really flirting with her. So I was thinking well she already walked away, so that's the end of that, I guess. Then when she leaves the game, she sees me and start being really flirty with me, but she is already leaving so she just basically says bye to me. And my friend was like, "dang bro you messed up for not asking for her snapchat" And I am still thinking that it is nothing crazy. So I move on with my life, not thinking much of it. Then the next day rolls around, at the actual homecoming dance, me and my group were in line waiting to get into the dance. And sure enough who do I see, that same girl. So at this point I am like, this has to be some sign or something, so I ask for her snapchat and she gives it to me. And we just went on out first date recently. But just like the mosh pit girl, she approached me, I didn't do anything. So the moral of these stories, once you become more confident, you start to become more attractive to girls to the point where girls come to you instead of you going to the girls. It is just something I noticed, a benefit to becoming more confident.

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