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How to Beat Almost Anyone Your Age at Life

Everyone wants to be the best. But no one is willing to put in the work to actually be the best. People don’t know how to be the best. But they say they will be the best. As a highschooler, it is insanely easy to be considered better than everyone. An example is a friend of mine who live in Nevada, he loves the gym, and he a gotten pretty strong, and he takes cold showers, and I thought that he was one of the best, most productive and disciplined person ever, but then he has these other aspects of life that he is horrible at, his sleep(going to bed at like 4am on a school night), video games late at night, procrastinator, and his diet. And he sent me a text saying he's going to pass me in life, bro, I’ve already lapped you in life. I've already beaten you today since 7am, and you're probably still asleep. He is only better than me in one aspect of life, how strong you are. So today, I will show you how to conquer all aspects of life to eventually become better than all of your peers, but just a fair warning, once you make it even close to the top, it can get pretty lonely because it feels like you can’t relate to anyone anymore.

The first thing you can do to become better than everyone is going to the gym. But not just going to the gym, but training insanely hard at the gym. I see most people at the gym just go and not put any effort into their workouts, and then they say they had a great workout. That's great I’m glad you had a good workout, but you won’t better yourself if you don’t go hard at the gym. I’m talking about failure on all exercises, not on all sets, because you will start to lose technique and you will become more susceptible to injury, and no one wants that. Progressively overloading, which is slowly increasing the weight every time you do the exercise, I recommend keeping some sort of notes on the exercises you do and how much weight you do, that has helped me a lot to progressively overload. And not being afraid of what people will think of you at the gym, most people might think that if I go till failure and make all of these grunting noises, then people will think I am weird, well that is not true, I heard people grunting at the gym and I know that they are working hard and I respect them, there is only one guy at the gym who makes grunting noises that is weird because he makes very weird grunting noises, he makes weird moaning noises and it can be very weird and it will break you focus. But you will get more respect if you train hard and till failure, so stop being worried about that.

The second thing you can do is improve your sleep and your morning. Everyone knows that you need 7-8, even up to 10 hours of sleep for proper brain function, but a very low percent of people actually get this much sleep. And sleep affects a lot of things, such as the ability to think, gains at the gym, and energy and mood throughout the day. So just getting that amount of sleep will make you better than most, but the killer is what you do in the morning, creating a good morning routine is the key to conquering the morning. It is good that you wake up early, but you need something to do besides just scrolling on your phone. And the majority of people as soon as they wake up, they go straight to their phones, if you just don’t go to your phone, then you will already become better than most. And there was a quote I heard somewhere, I forget who said it, but it was “Win the morning, win at life” So just remember that.

Another thing you can do to beat everyone in life is breaking bad habits. I can make a whole video about this, and I probably will because my dad said it would be a good idea so subscribe to be able to see it. But what are the bad habits? Things that give you that instant hit of dopamine and are addictive because of that. Things like video games, social media, porn, and junk food. I won’t go too in depth because I will soon make a video on this, but what I like to do is make these things rewards for after I do something difficult, I usually do some of these at the end of the week to congratulate myself for working hard. Things like video games, make them a reward. Pretend you are in a video game right now, and you just defeated a strong enemy, that enemy usually drops some sort of reward for killing it. So I view it as that, once I’ve defeated the week by doing good habits and being productive. I view these things as the reward the week drops after it has been defeated. But during the week, You rarely see me on video games, or anything like that. The only exception for the Thai reward system I’ve made is pron, you just need to eliminate all aspects of this in your life, pretty obvious, if you want better information on why it is so bad, watch a different video about it after this one.

The fourth thing you can do is improve your diet. I cover this in my full confidence course, link in the description for more information, but eating all of this junk food will zap away your energy and you will not feel full afterwards. But if you want me to talk more in depth into this, then go to the link in the description.

The final thing you can do to become better than everyone is to not be motivated, but disciplined. If you just tell someone you are disciplined compared to motivated, people will gain a lot more respect for you. Because it means that you don’t do it for others, that's what motivation means, but you do it for yourself because you know you want to be healthy and increase your confidence. Like the friend I was talking about, he loves to fight demons at the gym to find motivation to train hard. But it makes me think, so are you doing this for other people, or for yourself. But once you become disciplined and go to the gym and train hard even when you don’t want to, when you have no motivation and nothing pushes you to go except for knowing that you should go, that will make you mentally tougher than everyone else. And you can use discipline for other aspects of life instead of just the gym, such as taking cold showers, making your bed, eating healthy, discipline will help you with the big and small things. If you want a full guide to being disciplined, then I would highly recommend you watch Hamza's full guide to discipline. He will give you amazing information on how to conquer life through discipline. It's a long video, about three hours, but it is worth it.

So those are four things you can do to become better than everyone your age. Even if you only do one of these things I’ve told you it will still put you above most people, at least for highschoolers. But even if you are an adult and you use these things, it will still put you above most people, because from what I’ve seen from adults is that they are pretty similar to highschoolers, always seeking comfort in life and wanting the easy way out, now I’m not saying that this is true for every adult, but at least from the ones I’ve seen. Don’t be like the rest bro, make it to the top, and live your life to its fullest potential.

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