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How to Meet New People in High School

Most people don’t like to meet someone new, which makes sense, trying to have a conversation with someone new can get dry and awkward pretty quickly. So in this video I will teach you how to interact with some new people and hopefully become friends with them as a highschooler.

Now let's get this straight right off the bat. Some people, suck they don’t want to be talked to and doing so will just lead to them hating you. Some people just don’t like you for existing, some people are so closed off that they get scared of you when you approach them. Some people will call you model material but when you ask them to homecoming she says no because she had social anxiety. So some things are just out of your control. And that's just life, this shouldn’t be something discouraging because there are only a handful of people, most of the time people will act nicely toward you so you shouldn’t have the mindset of all people suck so I shouldn’t talk to them.

Another thing to keep in mind when you meet new people is that people will treat you nicely if you are attractive, now I’m not saying you need to be model material or anything close to that, you just need to not be universally ugly, like to the point where you need surgery to improve your looks. So, the more attractive you are, the more people will want to talk to you.

But the key to meeting new people is to just talk to them. Literally just say, “hey what's your name?” Depending on how they respond, it will either be a good conversation, if they seem glad to tell you their name then you can continue the conversation, if they look annoyed when you ask this, then they should be an indicator that you should stop talking. But the easiest way to get a new friend is like lets say it is the first day of school or you just moved seats in a class, just say to the person you sit next to, “what's your name?” Boom, that will start the conversation, and you have something to talk about because you are in the same classroom, say something like, “Man this teacher is a robot, I don’t think he's human, what do you think?”

Or maybe you have another class together, say something like, “I feel like I’ve seen you before, do you have Bob’s first period history class?” Something like that, that is another super easy way to start a conversation. But you don't want to drag out the conversation for too long t where you are talking the whole period, unless the conversation is going absolutely amazing and you two are having fun, don’t push it.

So you had your first conversation with this person, great, the next time you have the class with this person, say hi to them, and give them a compliment, say, “I like your shoes'' or something like that, but make it a genuine compliment, don’t just come up with something random that you don’t care about, if you make it genuine, then they will sense that and will be a lot more happy compared with some random fake compliment. And all guys remember all the compliments people give them, it's just something we do, so it is also a great way for people to remember you.

Another way for people to like you easily is to not be overly crazy and loud. Being crazy and loud is a sign of insecurity because it feels like you are overly trying to seem confident, while the quieter and more chill guy doesn’t need to let everyone know he is confident. And the quieter guy has a warmer aura so people will naturally want to be around you and become friends with you. They feel safe with you rather than the crazy loud guy in class. While people may find him funny and he might be more popular, a benign and relaxed guy will make people want to have a better friendship with you.

So those are all of the thing I do to be able to make a lot of friends and me liked by most people, it may be difficult at first, but the more times you talk to people, the easier it will get, so just keep on working and eventually, you will get a lot of friends, trust me.

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