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Productive Morning Routine

Mornings can be difficult to make productive, especially if you have school, like me. But I will show you what I do to have a productive and peaceful morning. For me, I like to wake up early, at 5am and it has made me a lot more productive, but don’t forget if you wake up early, then you have to be in bed early, getting 8 hours of sleep is very important. But even if I do go to bed early, it can still feel impossible to get out of bed, so a trick that I learned recently is before you go to bed, visualize yourself waking up at 5, but visualize yourself struggling to get out of bed, make it realistic, whenever I do this, it helped me be able to wake up easier.

So once I wake up, I have some water because you are usually pretty thirsty when you first wake up. So once I wake up and have my water, I make my bed again, because if military people do it, then I should. After I make my bed, I always take a shower to wake me up. I’ve recently been taking cold showers because it has a lot of benefits and it makes me alert and awake for the day. Once I’ve taken the cold shower I meditate, I do Wim Hof's breathing method, which takes 10 minutes, now I’m not saying you need to do his meditation, you can do whatever mediation you want, just try at build up to making it 10 minutes, I know it can be difficult to try and go for 10 minutes, so if you’ve never meditated before, try doing it for like 3 minutes at first, then try and build your way up to that 10 minutes.

After the meditation, it's time for some deep work. I usually do deep work from 5:40-7:00 because I start school at 8:30 and I still need time to get ready for the day. You can do whatever work you need to do during this time. I usually make these scripts for youtube and film them during this time. But I also do other things such as homework, learning (watching Hamza's guides), studying, and working on my college applications, but you can do whatever you want in this time, because hopefully no one will disturb you because it is so early. But just make it productive, you don’t want to use this time for things like video games or scrolling through your phone.

This is supposed to be the time where you work and be productive. But one key thing that I would recommend is that you know what you are going to work on the day before, for example, let's say that I need to work on some college essay or something, when I go to bed the night before, I should already know that is the main thing that I will work on in the morning, but you should always come up with a second thing you want to work on, because that one thing you want to do could only take like 30 minutes, now you still have all of this extra time to still work, so then it will take you about 10 minutes to come up with what you will do next, now you’ve just wasted all of that time coming up with an idea, now you are no longer concentrated, and it will take even longer for you to become focused again.

So just come up with a plan before-hand so you are not spending your entire morning thinking of what to do. So once it is 7:00, that's when I stop working and get ready for school. So far, I have only done three things in the morning, and it is already more productive than 99% of people, especially for highschoolers. And getting ready for school is nothing crazy, I get dressed, I have 5 eggs, make my lunch, use the mouthwash, brush my teeth and hair, floss, do a face care routine, and go to school. So that is th morning routine that I do that gives me the most productivity and is sustainable to me, a lot of morning routines that I have tried in the past have so much that I am never able to consistently do it for more than a week, an example of this is I used to go to the gym before school every day, this lasted for about a week until I was so tired throughout my day that after school I was too tired to do anything.

So now I just go to the gym after school and it works a lot better for me. But you could love going to the gym in the morning, which is perfectly fine, if you have a morning routine that works for you and you love it, then don’t change it, if it works for you, then keep doing it. But this is the routine that I use, and I hope that if you want to use this routine, it will work well for you.

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