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Why Confidence is So Important

Now we’ve been explaining how to be confident. But you might be thinking, “why should I be confident?” Well confidence is actually the most important trait, at least in my opinion. In this course we will explain why confidence is the most important trait.

When someone is confident, they think that they can take on the world, they think that they can do anything. They know that they can be relied on in tight situations. They are seen as leaders. People will not see you as a leader, they will see you as some worker and who relies on other people. Why is being a leader a good thing though? Well you are seen as better than other people, so many more people will like you when you are a leader. Sounds like being confident is pretty important. Well you might be thinking, well I don’t need people to like me, I don't need friends. Yes you do, it is in our DNA, our primal instinct to join other people and to be in a group. I mean it makes sense that the person who never hangs out with anyone and doesn’t have friends is not confident.

Confidence also gives you a sense that they can do anything. For example, when you go to a job interview, you don’t want to be like, “oh well, lets see what happens.” you want to be confident, you want to say something like, “Man i’m going to give this guy the best job interview you have ever seen.” You see, everything is possible when you are confident, when you are not confident, i put restrictions on yourselves. Confidence makes you ambitious, confidence makes you happy, confidence feels good. Confidence makes you powerful. You need confidence to succeed in life. Look at all of the biggest celebrities, do you think that they had a mind set of well let's see what happens? no , they have that confident mindset of letting me be the most well known person in the world.

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