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Why Not Taking Risks is the Biggest Risk

I want to start this off with a story, before I made this business, I needed to come up with a reasonable price to sell this course, so I thought that with a live 1-on-1 meting to help with confidence, the over 60 minute long full guide on confidence, and a habit tracker to keep track of all of the good habits you do, I could sell this thing for a good amount of money. So, I talked to my friend about it. But he didn't think that it should be that much, he said that it should be free. That making it cost a lot of money is too big of a risk and no one will buy it. And now I'm thinking, "Well maybe he is right? Maybe my business doesn't deserve to be expensive, that my information is not good enough." All of these negative thoughts start to pour in. Then I realized something, that not taking the risk of making it cost a lot of money is the biggest risk I could take. This is because of a few reasons. One, is that you don't think you deserve to make it expensive, because you think your product is not good enough. And you start to get this mindset of I don't deserve this, and I don't deserve to make profit because I just don't deserve it. If you keep this mindset with your business, then it will also carry over to other aspects of your life. Which is just an unnecessary barrier to achieving greatness. It is your ego telling you that you can't, you shouldn't take the risk and you shouldn't be ambitious in life.

The second reason is that How will oy ube comfortable taking risks in other aspects of life, when you can't take a risk in one. If you are afraid to take a risk in one area of life, you will also be more afraid to take risks in other areas of your life. so pretty soon, you will not take any risks in any areas of your life and so you will never become as successful as you have dreamed of.

The third reason is that if you don't take risks, you will never become successful. Take for example Elon Musk, he had to take a ton of risks in life and it payed off in the end because he has made a lot of money. Imagine if he didn't take the risk, on one would know about him and he would just be an average guy who has never achieved anything in life. And if you are thinking right now, well I probably won't be like Elon Musk if I take a risk. Why limit yourself with that kind of mindset that you can't become rich, that is such an unnecessary roadblock to achieving success, if you think you will not be successful, then you definently won't be successful.

Just something to keep in mind the next time you just want to play it safe and not take the risk because you could just settle on an average goal and not take the risk.

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